About me

In October 1994 I came to Cómpeta for the first time In October 1994, because I had a trip to Estepona to look for a vacation home for my retirement. After having spent the night in Cómpeta I was totally convinced, this should be my place to live, attracted to the climate, the people and the way of life here. Later that week I bought one of the most beautiful properties in the town; the old Civil Guard house, including the stable for the mules and I restored everything to convert it into holiday accommodation in the centre of the village.

Working as a director of a multinational company I started in Europe, then Australia, Singapore and Tokyo. At the time of my Tokyo assignment in 1992, my family and I travelled to Holland and Portugal for X-mas holidays, when we unfortunately were victims of a plane crash at Faro airport. My wife, youngest daughter, and son-in-law did not survive. The next few months I spent in a hospital before returning to Tokyo. In 1994 the company transferred me from Tokyo to Madrid, but I had to leave the company, since the accident had affected me physically more than I thought initially.

Back to my first visit to Cómpeta in1994. After buying the house my builder and I renovated it in 5 months from the roof to the electricity and water. I felt very comfortable in this town, and totally focused on the restoration work to try to forget what happened. The origin of the house was also important, so I left many characteristic elements of an Andalusian village property. This house has new owners since June of 2022.

In 2005 I expanded my accommodation with Cómpeta Suites; with two studio-apartments called Tokyo and Singapore. Each decorated according to the style of the city where I was working and living previously. The spacious basement is storage and workshop for bicycles that are available to guests. A few years have passed, but I continue to rent this accommodation with great pleasure and dedication.

I hope we meet in Cómpeta to spend a hiking or cycling holiday or also a ‘relax’ holiday at the foot of the Sierra Alhama and Almijara!


Albert Dikhoof


Albert Dikhooff from La Granada Residénce in Cómpeta